Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mike Campbell

I don't know anything about Mike Campbell except that he was a featured singer on the Vancouver edition of the CBC daytime series, Let's Go, in the mid-1960s. That's it! That's the curse of having a common name. It's hard to Google. (One of the other featured singers, by the way, was Joani Taylor... which led me to her website. It's fantastic! Check it out. There are some great old clips of her in the retrospective section.) But back to Campbell. Here he is singing The Rascals' hit, How Can I Be Sure? at the Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC. In a world that's constantly changing, it's still introduced by the ever-present Terry David Mulligan. This is from 1968.



  1. Hi there, More about Mike Campbell (also aka Michael Vincent)...You can find bio/photos, connect and check out current music projects here:

  2. btw...thanks for posting Guy. I wonder if you have more?

  3. just found another interesting link for TV archive research:

    includes more program details re: shows like "Rollin' on the River" "Let's Go" and "Music Hop" where Mike Campbell either guested or hosted. Others like Howie Vickers, The Poppy Family... also featured here.

  4. Great meeting you tonight, Zaena. Glad you like the clip. Unfortunately that's all I've got!