Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bobby Hales Big Band, 1976

I have great memories of the Bobby Hales Big Band. The Hales band used to play the PNE every day when I was a kid. When visiting my dad, who was in the band, we got to go hang out at the fair and I loved sitting and watching the group. They were the coolest. They also released a great album called One of My Bags, which, unfortunately, has never been re-released on CD. That's okay. I still have the vinyl. In 1976, the CBC put this band on the air. For an hour, yet! Can you imagine that today? At least we've got clips. I hope to get more up from this special soon.

Here's the line-up, left to right. Trumpets: Blaine Tringham, Laurie Sayler, Stew Barnett, Carse Sneddon (solo), Don Clark. Trombones: Sharman King, Mike Revely, Bob Hamper, Bill Trussel. Saxes: Al Wold, Wally Snider (solo), Dave Quarin, Jack Stafford, Fraser MacPherson. The rhythm section is: Bobby Doyle (piano), Oliver Gannon (guitar), Tony Clitheroe (bass), George Ursan (drums), percussionist Kenny Moore. Hales is conducting on this number but also plays trumpet and flugelhorn.

(Hit the play button below and the video will magically appear. If it doesn't start right, give the tracker a little nudge with your mouse.)

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  1. Thanks for posting this Guy! Bobby Hales is a name I've been hearing forever but I don't think I've heard any of his music until now. Let me know if you get a hold of the rest of this broadcast. JD