Friday, May 21, 2010

More Bobby Hales

Here's the Bobby Hales Big Band again from their 1976 TV special hosted by Monty McFarlane. It's a Hales arrangement of "Watch What Happens" and features Fraser MacPherson on the tenor solo.

Once again, here's the line-up, left to right. Trumpets: Blaine Tringham, Laurie Sayler, Stew Barnett, Carse Sneddon, Don Clark. Trombones: Sharman King, Mike Revely, Bob Hamper, Bill Trussel. Saxes: Al Wold, Wally Snider, Dave Quarin, Jack Stafford, Fraser MacPherson. The rhythm section is: Bobby Doyle (piano), Oliver Gannon (guitar), Tony Clitheroe (bass), George Ursan (drums), percussionist Kenny Moore. Hales is conducting on this number but also plays trumpet and flugelhorn.

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