Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bobby Hales, 1966

Vancouver crooner Kenny Colman had a summer replacement series in 1966 called, not surprisingly, The Kenny Colman Show. Here's Kenny introducing the Bobby Hales Band with Can't Buy Me Love. The thing is badly out of synch because in those days they pre-recorded everything. The band is just fake playing. But if you squint your eyes, you'll never know the difference. I can't name all the musicians, but I recognize PJ Perry, Fraser MacPherson, Wally Snider and possibly Dave Quarin on saxes, Ian McDougall on trombone, Carse Sneddon, Stu Barnett and Don Clark on trumpets. Bobby Hales takes the solo on trumpet. If anyone else can name the others, leave them in the comment section and I'll edit this write-up. (THIS JUST IN: The other trombonist is Dave McMurdo. Thanks to Fred Stride for the info!)

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