Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Canadian All-Stars – T-Mex for Timex

This Canadian All-Star band, from 1959, is a cross-country who's who of jazz. This closing number gives the graphics for all the musicians, but I'll recap them here for you anyway. It features Cliff McKay on soprano sax, Moe Koffman on flute, Chris Gage on piano, Lance Harrison on clarinet, Steve Garrick on piano, Ed Bickert on guitar, Norm Amadio on piano, Bill Britto on bass, Ron Rully on drums, Jerry Toth, Roy Smith, Rick Wilkins, Al Baculis and Eddie Karam on saxes, Ron Collier, Butch Watanabe, Dave Pepper, Dave Robbins and Ron Hughes on trombones, and Maynard Ferguson, John Frosk, Erich Traugott, Herb Spanier and Carse Sneddon on trumpets. (Those in bold are Vancouver musicians, just to keep true to the theme of the blog.) The tune, called T-Mex for Timex, was penned by saxophonist Eddie Karam.

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