Monday, July 20, 2009

Marty Gillan

Another stretch here because this ain't jazz no matter how you slice it. But it is vintage. I include it because the program, Hits a-Poppin', featured the Doug Parker Orchestra. You can see Doug playing the organ in this clip, as well as many mainstays on the Vancouver jazz scene in his band. The pop singer Marty Gillan, who I remember from his mid-70s series Banjo Parlor, does a tune made famous by Tom Jones, Help Yourself:


  1. Wow, where did you find this! I work with this guy at Canada Post in Chilliwack. What video service is carrying this?

    1. How can I reach Marty Gillan today? I'd love to talk to him. I bought Bill Crompton's company years ago, and he did an album for Bill in the 70's of which I have the masters for. Is he still around? Cheers, Jamie Anstey (

  2. Just a private collection, Kayshadog. So we now know where Marty Gillan is! Thanks for the heads-up. I used to watch him on Banjo Parlor in the 1970s. Ah, Canadian showbiz.

  3. Thanks so much I was a Marty Gillan Groupie during and after his Banjo Parlor days with my mom. I remember on night at the Surrey Inn he was singing Bea Jangles and his voice was so powerful he blew out the speakers. To the fellow who says he works with him in Canada Post say hi from Pat and Helen.

  4. I enjoyed his singing. We worked in a gold mine in Northern Ontario at one time. The last time I spoke with him was back in the 80's. I don't know where he is living now.

  5. Hello again Guy,

    I am in the process of transferring Marty's one and only copy of Banjo Parlor, an episode from 1974, from VHS to DVD.

    Any chance you might allow me a copy of this "Hits a-Poppin'" segment to add to this DVD for his pleasure?

    If he's willing, I'd like to post the Banjo Parlor on Youtube for old fans. Of course I would not include the "Hits a-Poppin'" unless you authorized it.